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The Stones

Updated: Jun 23

On the first Easter morning, the women went to Jesus’ grave to embalm his body. They were still grieving and in shock after the crucifixion. That morning they had another problem. “Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?” The stone must have been very large and heavy. Its purpose was to prevent grave robbers and wild animals from being able to enter. They had various options to get the stone moved – to ask the soldiers who guarded the tomb; to call the disciples for help or try to do it themselves. Without moving the stone, they could not perform the very important ritual of embalming the body. At that moment they forgot their grief and concentrated on the problem at hand.

Daily we have stones that need to be rolled away but do not know how to do it.

There is the stone of grief. The loss of someone hits hard and deep. You feel helpless, frustrated, lonely and wonder how you will cope in future. While we struggle with this, other bigger or smaller issues come up. It causes us to emotionally regress into the dark depths of depression. We are in a deep pit, and we try hard to get out and just as we think we manage something else comes along.

There is the stone of doubt. We doubt ourselves because we worry about what others may think of an ideas or plan that is important to us. Doubt is a mental state in which the mind remains suspended between two or more contradictory options. It may involve a feeling of uncertainty, distrust, or a lack of confidence. Doubt can result in delaying or rejecting relevant action out of concern for making mistakes or to miss opportunities.

There is the stone of poverty. Covid19 resulted in many job losses and people are struggling to find new employment. They used their termination benefits and even started to use their retirement benefits and savings. Some do not know where food for today will come from.

There is the stone of illness. Presently there are many illnesses resulting in the loss of loved ones or prolonged suffering.

There are many more stones we find in our lives. The question is what we do about the stones. Jesus knew that God shall move the stone. Who can move the stones in your life?

We can start to put these stones in God’s hands. We can faithfully pray for help, relieve, guidance. Most of the time it is fear for the unknown that causes us to see the unmovable stones in our lives. You must choose whether to follow where God leads you - even when you do not understand what’s happening. But no challenge is insurmountable. Faith will be enough to overcome even the toughest challenge.

  • Live by the spirit. Do not rely on your own limited strength. Tap from God’s unlimited strength. Make use of the help from other people who might be angels send by God.

  • Believe even when you do not see answers to your prayers. God is always working, mostly behind the scenes. He will reveal His answers to your prayers when the time is right. When you pray do not ask for the cure or relieve from the stone. Ask Him for guidance on how to solve the problem. Remember, your prayers will be answered in his way not ours. Ask him to give you confidence to continue to listen to his guidance and act on it.

  • Be courageous. Understand that faith in the known is greater that fear of the unknown. Pray for the courage you need to follow unchartered paths. Expect that there may be a time of testing between the time you act in obedience and the time you received what God has promised.

  • Be patient. Know that your faith must be tested to produce patience in you and help you to mature.

  • Build unity with other believers. Recognize that faith is effective when there is unity. Do your best to work with others to find a place together in God’s will, so that God’s will supersede your individual wills.

  • Let fear jumpstart your faith. Whenever you experience something that troubles you, realize that God may intend that experience to be a roadblock to help you change direction in your life. Turn to God with all your heart when he is trying to get your attention and ask Him to direct your steps.

Lord, I bring the stones in my life to you. Help me to roll it out of the way. Let your will be done in my life.

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