More Thine than mine

What can I give to you,

Eternal Father to make reply?

For all that Thou has given me,

All the days of my life?

Can I offer you my labours,

My strength that comes from you?

Can I give you my endeavours?

My plans my hopes my journey through?

Can I give you my possessions,

To the poor disguised I see,

Clothed in frail humanity,

My Lord, I see in them, Thee.

Can I offer you my body,

As a living sacrifice,

And labour for you sweetly,

To the dawn of my true life.

Let me offer you some songs,

Some poems my heart can sing,

Whose inspiration comes from Thy own hand,

You gifted to me, what all I may bring.

I have no natural children,

No Isaac I can bless,

I have only what Thou gave me,

And will give it gladly at Thy request.

Make my offer to you sweet,

Though the giver is so small,

To present my little treasures,

To the sovereign over all.

For even in giving every breath,

Every thought in the thundercloud of my mind to this,

Every consideration of my heart,

Every single gesture, I would

Yet still be remiss.

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